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Fish of the month - April 2009

Steve Howard - 12lb Skate - Well done Steve

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Sun 27th July Cancelled due to high winds


Fri 25th July

Hi Guys

Another lovely day aboard the Dentex; weather was cracking. The fish are hard to find at the moment but the smoothounds are keeping the anglers happy. Some smoothounds today all caught on frozen peeler and a few dogfish too. Kenny won the sweep today with a nice hound so he was more than happy. See you all on the next one guys. All the best - Dentex


Sun 19th July

Hi Guys

We’re sorry we haven’t been updating the Skippers Blog and Photo Gallery recently but we’ve turned DENTEX CHARTERS into DENTEX CHARTERS LTD.

This has meant that we have had to sort out lots of stuff which took TIME. I’ve also been on holiday and changed jobs so as you could imagine its all been up in the air.

But we are back to normal now - I think!

June was hit and miss, with some days really good with bass/skate and smoothounds and other days a real struggle to find any fish, hey but that’s fishing.

July has started off good with plenty off smoothounds being caught and a few skate.

We’ll be keeping you up to date with more pictures too - so happy fishing.

Don’t forget to get your dates booked for this coming COD season they’re going fast.

All the best

Steve & Andy

Friday 29th May
W 2
sea , calm to slight becoming calm
vis, good
weather, overcast with sunny periods

Early start today  , we set off at 06:00 with Lynn's crew and steamed off to our fishing mark with a nice flat sea and sunny skies we were hopeful for the day so down went the anchor and we baited up the rods , with 1 1/2 hours of the ebb left we cast out the baits and waited only to be plagued by our old friends the dogfish . We got ready for the flood and waited again and the first skate over the gunnel for Stan Light of weighing about 7lb , plenty of bites unable to connect with the fish changed weight and hook sizes , then a skate to Lynn of about 9lb , but still having trouble hooking the fish and dropping fish with water , but for some reason the fish today just did not want to play , that's fishing so today's bag was skate dogfish and whiting , best baits herring , peeler crab on up-tide and down-tide rods , all the best Dentex.

Saturday 30th May , Trip cancelled due to high winds.

Sunday 31st May , Trip cancelled due to high winds. 

Sunday 17th May, Trip cancelled due to high winds.

Saturday 16th May Trip cancelled due to high winds.

Friday 15th May

Sea, calm to slight becoming moderate
vis, moderate
weather, overcast with occasional sun and showers

Early start today away 05:00, locked out and off to our fishing marks we go, with plenty of banter and enthusiasm on the way, arrived at our mark anchor down baited up and cast the rods and waited for the action to start, not long before the first fish over the gunnel was a smooth-hound to Roy, then a skate to Steve Maytum, a hound for Chris a couple of more hounds then it all went quiet, with the tide still ebbing we moved a couple of miles and anchored up, and straight into fish for everybody, with bass, hounds and skate coming over the gunnels at regular intervals, then a nice edible crab for Chris, more hounds and dogs . So with the tide getting ready to flood and the wind starting to build we headed closer to home , anchored up for another hour where we had hounds, bass and skate, a good day had by all with plenty of fish, best bait today were fresh peeler and herrings. All the best Dentex.

Sunday 10th May

Sea, calm becoming slight

W 10knotts vis, good, weather, o/cast becoming sunny

Mark's crew today and an early start at 06:00.
Our thoughts for Robin who passed away 2 weeks ago as he was a regular with this crew, God bless you.

We arrived at our mark and anchored up feathers on and try for some fresh mackerel which we found, so we set the rods up with fresh mackerel and fresh peeler crabs and set them out, first blood to Steve with a skate of 8lb then the doggies arrived then with a really good bite for Steve and his rod nearly disappearing it was another nice skate of 12lb 4oz a contender for fish of the month, with the tide now starting to run the fish started to feed , a skate to Stan and another skate to Steve and a starry hound for Jim , then cruffs turned up it was dogs all the way, so as the tide eased we upped anchor and made our way home. Best bait today fresh mackerel and fresh peeler crab. All the best Dentex.

Steve Harris - Owner & Skipper

Andrew Norwood - Skipperdentexrepeat